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If you are reading this page there is a good chance you, or someone you love, is anticipating a most exciting day in life, and are looking to capture every emotion and make memories to last a lifetime. Congratulations!

My name is Jack Hecker and I would like to tell you a little about myself. From an early age, I was smitten with the magic of the camera, exploring everything from the darkroom to slide film. But it was not until I began working with couples, that I truly felt I’d found my place.

While In high school, I voraciously learned whatever I could about photography.Through college I continued to explore the ins and outs of black and white printing. Although I now have over 20 years of experience as a wedding photographer,I regularly attend week-long seminars through professional organizations to hone my skills and continue to be the best at my craft.

While education is and will always be important to me, there is something that a photographer must have inside to be tremendously successful – a genuine love for people. When I meet with clients, I am looking to make a connection, to get a sense of their family dynamic and who they are as people. On the wedding day, my goal is to blend in and help people feel completely comfortable so when the natural emotions surface, I am there to capture them. I love to bring a fresh approach to my photos by looking for those moments of action and reaction, like a father exchanging parting glances with his precious daughter or the look on the groom’s face the very moment he sees his beautiful bride.

I am grateful to the families that have chosen me to document their day and for the wonderful people I have been blessed to know. To each wedding I bring my knowledge and skill but, most of all, my passion to create images that families will cherish for generations to come. While I have travelled throughout the country as a wedding photographer, I could not wish for a place more idealistic and romantic than the wine country of Northern California. I am a truly blessed to call it my home.

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